In My Closet: Huma Blanco

I'm a creature of habit and when it comes to shoes flats are what I gravitate towards. This year I was determined to change that by adding a heel to my closet that could be worn often.  When I found out about Huma Blanco their unique heel shapes stood out to me. One thing I didn't think was that I would actually be able to wear those heels out for everyday wear. The style fit my aesthetic but the height sent my feet curling back up into their house slippers. Thankfully Huma Blanco's store front is right in my city so I thought 'why not' and went to try them on thinking...

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About Moo

I'm Megan, otherwise known as Moo. I am a software engineer by day and a clothing obsessor any other time. I have been doing weekly clothing challenges through my Instagram since the first week of 2020. Clothing challenges allow me to find the actual needs I may have when purchasing for my closet instead of only the wants. The point of every challenge is to really understand your closet and what's in it, to get creative with what you own, and to use every item often whether it is something you have had for 5 years or just got in the mail. I hope to encourage other people to see their closet in the same way and find more of a community through something everyone owns, clothing.